What is Spear Phishing?

Spear fishing

Amid the ever-mutating realm of digital hazards, spear phishing emerges as an especially sly form of cyber-attack, meticulously designed to mimic reliable entities with the sinister goal of pilfering your most guarded data or covertly slipping in malicious software. Spear phishing is essentially cybercriminals’ way of zeroing in on a mark. They’re not just tossing […]

How Can I Protect My Data for My Law Firm Business?


Do you know the biggest cybersecurity risk affecting your law firm? Are you confident that your technology is providing end-to-end security and meeting compliance? If you have a growing number of teams handling sensitive information for your practice using unprotected or unencrypted methods, then you need to act now. Alarming statistics from Verizon’s 2021 Data […]

What is HIPAA Incidental Disclosures?

What is incidental disclosures?

Understanding HIPAA Incidental Disclosures: Examples and Best Practices HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations are crucial for safeguarding sensitive patient information. However, despite meticulous efforts, incidental disclosures can occur. Healthcare professionals and entities must grasp what constitutes an incidental disclosure and how to mitigate risks effectively. In this article, we’ll delve into the […]

Windows Server 2012R2 Upgrade to Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012R2 to Windows Server 2016

Businesses running Windows  Server 2008 or 2012R2 needs to upgrade to Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 because it is no longer supported by Microsoft. What does it mean when Windows Server 2008/2012 is no longer supported by Microsoft? You are at a higher risk of getting hacked or ransomware, You are out of […]

How to Protect Yourself from Social Engineering

Trust But Verify in Cybersecurity

Ronald Reagan made the phrase “Trust but verify” famous during his discussion with the Soviet Union on nuclear disarmament in 1987. This concept still holds true today regarding cybersecurity and how you can use it to protect yourself from cybercriminals. What is social engineering? Social engineering refers to the manipulation tactics cybercriminals use to deceive […]

3 Ways to Protect Your LinkedIn Account From Hackers

Have you spent years building your LinkedIn profile? It’s a valuable asset for you and your company. But have you taken steps to protect it from hackers? In this video, we’ll discuss three crucial ways to secure your LinkedIn account: backing up your profile, setting up two-factor authentication, and using the new CLEAR Verified feature. […]

Are you putting your business at risks using outdated software?


Is your business still using software from the Stone Age? Your cyber insurance provider might be seeing red flags. Dive into our visual guide to safeguarding your coverage and staying ahead in the digital game!” Did you know your cyber insurance may not cover if you’re running outdated software? Fear not, as we delve into […]

Why You Need an Offboarding Checklist When an Employee Leaves?

employee offboarding and termination guide

The Imperative of a Robust Offboarding Process: Safeguarding Your Business in a Dynamic Landscape As we kick off the new year, businesses are unfortunately having to lay off employees. It’s important to have a comprehensive offboarding process that involves both HR and IT. Recent high-profile cases of disgruntled ex-employees causing data breaches and sabotaging company […]

New DMARC Email Authentication Requirements 2024 and Why IT Matters for You?

Google DMARC Email Authentication 2024

Starting February 1st, 2024, major changes to email authentication by Google and Yahoo could affect your clients’ emails. The purpose of the change to prevent potential spam issues, ensure deliverability of your email, even if you don’t use Google or Yahoo mail, you want to setup DMARC for your domain. DMARC, which stands for Domain-based Message […]