Case Study – Office 365 Migration for Richard Heath and Associates for 300+ Users

RHA Inc. Success Story


RHA Inc, headquartered in Fresno, CA provides outreach program design and management to energy utilities, healthcare, and telecommunications industries. RHA established innovative programs to help families conserve energy, and created California’s first Low Income Energy Efficiency (LIEE) program. RHA has steadily advanced energy efficiency for the mass market, improving the quality of life for nearly 13 million Californians. The company was incorporated in 1979 and now operates in five California offices with over 400 employees.

Ed Bell, Chief Information Officer

RHA Inc. wanted to ensure that they provide the latest technology to their employees, but wanted to avoid additional hardware and administration. To meet these challenges, RHA Inc. decided to transition their current email solutions to Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based services. They expect a more flexible solution that would give them a competitive edge and keep their employees productive.

The Challenges

RHA Inc. has used on-premise Kerio Connect email solution for many years. Although RHA was generally satisfied with their technology solutions, they still faced some challenges. Some of their email challenges were speed issues for users with large mail box sizes, the email retention policy, and synching emails, contacts and calendar between the Outlook and various mobile devices. Many of RHA employees are not used to Kerio Connect’s web mail interface and wanted the familiar Microsoft Exchange. The RHA IT team was spending more time maintaining hardware, software licenses, patches, and updates than providing real solutions to help their business.

RHA Inc. considered purchasing, managing and hosting an Exchange Server. When RHA contacted Microsoft about Office 365, they were referred to eSudo Technology Solutions (“eSudo”), a Microsoft Certified Partner.

What did eSudo do for RHA Inc.?

Convinced that cloud-based services could help meet their present challenges, RHA decided to transition from Kerio Connect to Microsoft Exchange Online via Office 365. With over 400 users in five different locations, they were concerned with minimizing the impact on their staff, moving their data without loss or downtime, and keeping their help desk operations from getting too many requests. RHA turned to eSudo because of eSudo’s expertise in working with Exchange Online via © eSudo Technology Solutions 408-216-5800 Office 365, and Kerio Connect Email system. eSudo helped RHA in the planning, design and migration of RHA’s emails, contacts and calendars over to Office 365.

eSudo’s Cloud migration services included:

The Benefits

eSudo planned, managed and successfully completed RHA’s migration within three weeks! By allowing eSudo to serve in the planning and project management, the IT team at RHA had more time to focus on RHA’s core business applications and develop ideas to help their offices run more smoothly.

The benefits of moving to Office 365 include:

Now, here is what you could do

If your company is considering moving to Office 365 Cloud services, contact Matthew Kaing at eSudo ( at 408-216-5800. Or if you like to like explore other cloud services, schedule a free cloud assessment.