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Frequently Asked Questions

eSudo is a local managed IT & Cybersecurity services (MSP/MSSP) company in San Jose, CA that helps businesses make technology seamlessly work over the last 22+ years in Silicon Valley. What sets eSudo apart is we focus on security first, and computer support happens to be part of the security services.

Our team of experienced and certified computer engineers understands that no two businesses are alike, that’s why we partner with our clients to develop efficient and cost effective computer networks, cloud solutions, network security, and phone solutions that help you run your business.

As a local Microsoft Partner and Cloud Technology Specialist, eSudo has the knowledge, skills, and commitment to help you implement modern technology solutions that match your exact business needs.

Our goal is to Keep your IT Systems running and data Secure (KISS) so you can focus on running your business safely!

We specialize in working with professional service organizations like law firms, accounting firms (CPAs), and wealth management. However, eSudo have helped other business such as non-profit organizations, manufacturing and other small businesses after we have reviewed their needs and determined if they are good fit for our services.

eSudo is not a traditional computer support company; we focus on security first, and computer support happens to be part of the security services.  In the dynamic landscape of network security, a proactive approach is key to safeguarding your business. It’s not a one-time event but an ongoing commitment to keep your systems resilient against evolving threats. With the rise of a mobile workforce and the omnipresence of phishing attempts or social engineering or AI, educating your employees, continuous monitoring and proactive support are vital to prevent data breaches.

If your business is looking for break-fix support or hourly IT services, we may not be for you because we cannot fully manage your risks and more importantly, it creates a trust issue in our relationship. Under a “break-fix” model, there is a fundamental conflict of interest between your business and eSudo.

“Over 97% of American businesses in 2023, operating in a digitally-driven landscape, heavily rely on the Internet for essential functions such as productivity, performance optimization, streamlined communication, bolstered sales, and various other facets of their daily operations. This heightened dependence on digital infrastructure, however, comes with a notable caveat: more than 87% of small businesses are entrusted with customer data that could be potentially compromised in the event of a cyberattack.”

We keep your IT Systems running and data secure with our proven IT Strategy, Managed Security, and Proactive Support & End User Management. Our Strategy focuses on identifying, prioritizing, and recommending the right technology for your organization.  Our Managed Security includes data backup, device encryption, zero-trust access management, and policies & procedures. Our Support includes a live phone help desk, 24/7 monitoring, on-site support as needed, employee onboarding, and asset procurement.

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  • Proven track record: We have been building our loyal customer base since 2001 in an industry where IT consulting firms come and go. Our customers, vendors, and employees stay with us because we build and value long term relationships with them. With operations all over the San Francisco Bay Area, eSudo provides reliable IT support to Northern CA-based businesses and beyond. We’re big enough to offer the facilities, services, and expertise you expect and small enough to provide the support and attention you deserve.

  • People & Process:  Over the last 22+ years, we have created and adopted a proven process to ensure success in our operations and have trained our people to follow our proven process to provide consistent results for our customers.

  • Quality: We do not sell what we have not used or have tested. We recommend industrial and commercial-grade products for small businesses to provide uptime and reliability for our customers.

  • Responsiveness: A live person will answer your call, and emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed. We use the most current remote support technology which lets us log in to your computers remotely to address many issues without the need to wait for a technician to come on-site.



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1440 Koll Circle, Suite 102 San Jose, CA 95112

Address & Map

eSudo is located in Silicon Valley, near San Jose  Mineta International Airport and the Holiday Inn by 1st Street and Gish.  You can access our office by the First & Gish Street Lightrail train station.

San Jose, CA. Fun Facts!

1. **Tech Capital**: San Jose is the unofficial heart of Silicon Valley; where innovation flows like Wi-Fi! It’s home to tech giants, startups, and the buzz of cutting-edge advancements. Who needs a crystal ball when you’ve got San Jose’s tech vibes predicting the future?

2. **Sunny Side Up**: With around 300 days of sunshine a year, San Jose is practically solar-powered! It’s like living in a permanent vacation mode, where everyone’s wardrobe consists of sunglasses and smiles. Get ready to soak up that Vitamin D!

3. **Artistic Avenue**: Calling all culture enthusiasts! San Jose’s vibrant arts scene is a masterpiece of creativity. From the Tech Museum of Innovation to stunning street art, this city knows how to make you think, feel, and appreciate the beauty of human expression.