Case Study – Google Workspace to Micrsoft Office 365 Migration

ROM Tech Digital Transformation Project from Google to Microsoft 365


ROM Technology Inc, headquartered in Brookfiled, CT specializes in developing advanced rehabilitation technology. They focus on creating devices that aid in the recovery process for patients who have undergone orthopedic surgeries, particularly knee surgeries. Their technology is designed to be portable, allowing patients to use it at home, which can help them regain their range of motion, ambulation, and strength more quickly and effectively after injury or surgery. The company is located in CT, has staffs and offices across the US with over 800 employees and contractors.

What was your business problem/challenges before you discovered our company or service?

ROMtech is experiencing rapid growth and expanding its team across different states. With compliance requirements like HIPAA and increased expenses, they needed to streamline our technology usage and improve security. Initially, each department independently selected the technology that suited their needs, causing a lack of formal planning and structure.

Across ROMtech, different departments use various technologies. They use Google Workspace for email and cloud storage, Microsoft 365 for Office Suite, Dropbox for storage, and Zoom for video calling. Mobile phones and laptops are not centrally managed, tracked, or inventoried.

To address our challenges, they aim to:

  • Improve Security and Data Protection
  • Enhance Integration with HR Systems
  • Boost Productivity and Collaboration
  • Implement a unified platform for device management, email, data storage, and file sharing.

Nick T., senior systems administrator, stressed the need to consolidate the fragmented services under a single umbrella.

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration

What did the frustration feel like as you try to solve the problem? How was it affecting your business?

Romtech teams said “We had several services that were disjointed and did not communicate in any meaningful way. Not only was it overly expensive, but it was inefficient.”

Convinced that eSudo could help meet its present challenges, ROMtech decided to transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365. With over 800 users in five different states, they were concerned with minimizing the impact on their staff, moving their data without loss or downtime, and keeping their help desk operations from getting too many requests.

What was different about eSudo and our services?

ROMtech turned to us because “eSudo presented a concise plan to consolidate our email, data, storage, and IAM solutions into a simplified technology stack using Okta as our IDP and Microsoft 365 for our productivity tools.”

eSudo worked closely with IT Director Scott B., to put together a project plan and timeline to present to upper management, which included the following, but not limited to:

Take us to the moment when you realize our service is working to solve your problem?

To minimize the business interruption and provide users with an exceptional experience, we worked closely with the ROMtech IT department and each department leader to set clear expectations for the timeline, documentation, and video guides and how to get help if something did not work as expected.  End users have access to our support team via phone call, email and online during and after the migration project.

According to ROM tech IT department team, “The biggest part was the completion of the mail migration. While we had some hiccups along the way, we were able to resolve all the outstanding issues and successfully migrated nearly 300 people from Google Workspace to Office 365, signed up with Okta for SSO and MFA.”

Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or being solved?

Our organization has adapted to the Microsoft Suite of services, and we are going full steam ahead with adding additional applications into our Okta environment. With the foundational pieces in place like the Office suite and 365, we have started doing more integration work with our Microsoft tenant to further improve employee productivity and satisfaction. We are also saving a tremendous amount of money by having eliminated a number of duplicate services like Dropbox and Google Workspace when we already had Office licensing for the office suite.

FAQs - Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Over the last 23+ years, both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have evolved significantly. We have been part of this evolution, migrating thousands of accounts from Google to Microsoft. This experience has led many to ask, why should I move from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365? The answer lies in the fact that both platforms were designed for different purposes and have evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses. Google Workspace (formerly G-suite) is a good email and cloud storage platform. It is also simple to use and available on any browser. It was designed and developed primarily as a free consumer email service, similar to Yahoo Mail and Hotmail/ Over time, it was converted to commercial email and business storage services. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) was designed and developed primarily for businesses, based on their Exchange email server and Active Directory. Thus, it incorporated many of the features and functions businesses required, including security, Office Suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Teams Collaboration/Video Calls, and integration with Windows/Mac OS devices. We have consistently recommended Microsoft 365 over Google Workspace for businesses. The reason is simple: it’s a comprehensive single platform that offers everything a business needs, from email and collaboration to cloud storage, device management, and robust security tools to safeguard your information. Learn more about M365 Migration Services and Pricing
Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace offer email services that include calendars, contacts/address books, and supported on mobile devices.  Microsoft 365 email can be access the web browser along with Outlook desktop apps for offline access.   Most people using Gmail are familiar with the web-based Chrome browser to read, compose, and search for emails.  While an offline copy of Gmail is available, it’s not as well integrated and was not officially designed in the product.  Search for email messages in Gmail is probably one of the fastest and best features.  We have found web-based tools such as Gmail more appealing to younger users because they often have experience using it in school, and plus, there is no setup required.  On the other hand, Microsoft 365 email services have more configuration options and customization to tailor them for your business needs to keep your data secure.  Once Microsoft 365 is set up, it provides a safer and more secure environment to protect your company and clients’ data. Learn more M365 for Google User
Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace plenty of space for storing files and documents.  Microsoft 365 offer OneDrive for personal use (1 TB to 5TB depending on the plan) and SharePoint for business company files.  Google Workspace offers Google Drive for personal use and business (30GB to 5TB). Learn more M365 File Sharing, OneDrive and SharePoint
Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer various plans with similar pricing, but for businesses, we recommend the plan with the most comprehensive security features. These should include email security, data loss prevention, and email encryption. Google Workspace Business Plus is priced at $18 per user/month and includes many of these features. However, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, at $22 per user/month, provides all these security features and more. It includes protections for your data in the cloud and extends security to mobile devices with antivirus, endpoint detection, and response for Windows PCs, MacOS, and smartphones. Additionally, it offers centralized identity management for your users with Azure/Entra Identity Plan 1. Learn more M365 Plans and Pricing
If your business uses devices like Windows 10/11, macOS, and smartphones (Android/iPhone), Microsoft Intune and Defender for 365, including Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan, provide built-in security to protect cloud data, such multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and device protection without the need for third-party software. This feature is highly important because users access and store data on their work and personal devices, this security features allow businesses to restrict where their data can be accessed and saved. In contrast to Google Workspace, built for the cloud, emphasizes securing its infrastructure with advanced threat detection and user privacy features like two-factor authentication and granular access controls, but not as strong for user devices and protection. For these security features, we recommend Microsoft 365 for small business because it’s a business value.  7 Ways to Keep Your Microsoft 365 Data Secure
In today’s mobile workforce, online collaboration tools have become essential. Microsoft offers Teams (formerly Skype), a comprehensive platform for chat, video conferencing, and collaboration. Google Workspace includes Google Meet (formerly Hangouts) which serves a similar purpose but with a focus on web-based interactions, including chat and video conferencing. Microsoft Teams offers a more comprehensive all-in-collaboration platform including video conferencing, chat, document storage and data security. It include both web-based and desktop app for your Windows, macOS and smartphones. Learn more M365 Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint

Do you need help with your Microsoft 365 Migration?

If your company is considering moving to Microsoft Office 365 Cloud services, contact us for free cloud assessment and if we are a good fit.

Our IT support and Help Desk team can provide live answers by phone, email, and remote assistance. We offer a range of computer services and IT support, helping with hardware, software, and how-to issues so your staff can continue to get work done.

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This service includes ongoing security overwatch for your business, including vulnerability scanning and software updates, next-gen anti-virus and anti-malware protection, follow-me firewall, security awareness training for employees, and data backup protection from ransomware. We also specialize in data recovery, ensuring your critical information is safe and retrievable.

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We can provide various services regarding Microsoft 365 and cloud-related items. They include migration from other email services (GoDaddy, Google Workspace, Intermedia, POP3) to Microsoft 365, hardening email and cloud storage, or software license management. We also provide Azure services, such as virtual machines or virtual desktops, and management services to help businesses monitor and manage their IT infrastructure. Additionally, we offer expertise in developing and maintaining network infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity.

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One of the biggest threats to your business is the risk of losing your data. We recommend backing up your data on your servers, computers, and cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 Email, SharePoint, OneDrive, and QuickBooks. Support companies like ours offer reliable support services to ensure your data is always protected.

Look for a backup solution that stores your file offsite and is “immutable” so you can restore your files from accidental deletion or theft, fire or human error, and, importantly, from an attacker who holds your data for ransom. Our technical support team is ready to assist with any issues that arise, ensuring your data is safe and your systems are running smoothly. Immutable backup means attackers or cyber criminals cannot delete the data stored in the cloud or offsite.

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