Microsoft 365 Migration Guide and Pricing/Cost in 2024


One of the first questions our potential customers want to know when they call our company is…

How much does it cost to migrate emails and files to Microsoft Office 365?

Answering this question is difficult due to the variation in environments. However, we will attempt to provide you with general pricing guidelines and considerations to determine your Office 365 migration cost.

Customers often switch email providers to get all the features they need for their emails, calendars, files, and contacts. They want to benefit from the full features of Office 365, including mobile device management and security control. Customers frequently migrate from Google Workspace, GoDaddy, Intermedia, On-promise Exchange server, or a hosted POP3/IMAP.

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What is Microsoft Office 365?

What is Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 (M365) is a set of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. Depending on the subscription plan you purchase, it may include the latest versions of one or more of the following:

The plan you select will depend on the business needs of your employees. For small-to-medium businesses, we recommend Microsoft 365 Business Plans. For  businesses with over 300 users, Microsoft Office 365 E3 or E5 plan. It has an unlimited user count, a larger mailbox size, and more.

The most popular plans include Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, and Business Premium. 

We recommend Business Premium because it provides good value since it include features such as email, calendars, storage, video meetings (similar to Zoom or WebEx), and enhanced security. Some security features include Microsoft Defender for EndPoint (Next-Gen AntiVirus & AntiMalware), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Sensitivity Labeling, and Email Encryption.

We suggest Office 365 E5 or another Enterprise Plan for small businesses needing bigger mailboxes and compliance. They offer 100GB of storage and advanced protection with security compliance.


Features Summary Business Basic Business Standard Business Premium Office 365 E5
Monthly Cost with Annual Commitment $6.00 per user $12.50 per user $22.00 per user $38.00 per user
Email and Calendaring Included Included Included Included
Email Storage Space 50 GB Mailbox 50 GB Mailbox 50 GB Mailbox 100 GB Mailbox
File Storage & Sharing 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB
Desktop Office Apps (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more) Only Web Apps Up to 5 devices on local machine (desktop or laptop) Up to 5 devices on local PC & cloud PC Up to 5 devices on local PC & cloud PC
Group Chat / Collaboration / Web Meeting Teams (Voice & Video Calls) Teams (Voice & Video Calls) Teams (Voice & Video Calls) Teams (Voice & Video Calls)
Mobile Device & Security Apply Mobile & PC Security Policies Apply Mobile & PC Security Policies
Advanced Security for email & files Threat Protection
Protect Data Loss or Copying; Restrict Apps & Locations
Threat Protection
Protect Data Loss or Copying; Restrict Apps & Locations
Business Phone System Add-On Add-On Add-On Include Audio Conference (no calling plan)
Users Up to 300 Up to 300 Up to 300 Unlimited

Factors That Influence Your Office 365 Migration Cost

Once you determined the Office 365 Plan that is right for your business, you will need to budget for the cost of migrating your email from the current email system to O365.

In this article, we will focus on the migration to Office 365 Exchange email only. We won’t consider Azure Active Directory, Intune Device Management, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, or other online products. These products are not part of the email migration project.

An email migration project will transfer all emails and folders from one email account into another email account. For example, from [email protected] to [email protected].

Here are some of the factors that could affect your migration cost:

Number of Users or Mailboxes

In general, the more mailboxes you have, the lower the cost per mailbox you will pay for the migration project. To be clear, ask for a Scope-of-Work (SOW) including “What Is” and “What Is Not” covered in the migration services. eSudo provides a complete SOW with each project.

Size of the User’s Mailbox

The size of the user’s mailbox is the total space used by all email messages, including attachments, in one account. The larger the mailbox size, the longer it takes to migrate to Office 365.

Some users have a large mailbox, over 25 GB, and they may have damaged messages. These users need to clean up their mailbox before they can move to O365. If the attachment is corrupted or too large, some messages will not migrate.

To make your mailbox smaller, remove deleted messages and sent messages over 3 years old. Alternatively, we recommend archiving messages over 4 years old to a local personal Outlook file. This will speed up message downloads during migration and improve Outlook Client performance.

Existing Email Server or Data Source

Will the age of your current email system affect the cost of your migration? Moving emails from old Microsoft Exchange or non-Microsoft servers requires extra preparation time before starting the migration.

For example,

Integration with Windows Server Active Directory (On-premise)

Businesses that have invested in Windows Server Active Directory for user accounts and password management usually do not want to keep track of another set of passwords when migrating to Office 365. There is a solution for this.

You can use Azure AD Connect to implement Single Sign-on (SSO) with Active Directory. This allows cloud and on-premise servers to use the same Windows Domain account password for Office 365 email. I.e. one username/password sign-on for both Active Directory and Office 365.

Office 365 and Active Directory Server integration simplifies the management of user email addresses and passwords. This saves time and money for your business. However, adding this feature may increase setup costs.

Integration with third-party applications or network devices

Do you use any external apps, like a CRM, ID provider, network scanner, or copier, that require email sending? We will need to look into the compatibility of the application or network device. For example, the application or network device must meet the security requirements for Office 365 before it is allowed to send or relay email via the Office 365 mail server.

If so, we can assess your options and determine the time for setup and the associated cost involved.

NOTE: If you use third-party identity providers, like Okta and Duo Security, it also adds a new layer of complexity during the migration. Many larger firms use Okta because it provides single sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to Office 365 and other web applications.

Three Different Migration Options for Office 365 Email

Companies have the option to migrate to Office 365 on their own. However, it is recommended to utilize a Microsoft Cloud partner such as eSudo. This will ensure a smoother transition and minimize downtime.

eSudo offers various services to assist you in getting started. These services include guiding you through the sign-up and setup process. Additionally, eSudo can help you transfer your email from your current server or another provider.

Options Option 1
Without email migration
Option 2
With email migration and PC setup
Option 3
With email migration, without PC setup
Migration Cost (20 users minimum) - price range per user:
Actual Cost may vary depending on the customer requirements
$50-75 per user $200-275 per user $100-200 per user
  • Assessment and documentation of current customer email environment and provide list of email address types
  • Basic Setup and Configuration of Office 365 Tenant
  • Email Domain Configuration and Public DNS MX Setup
  • Email Address Setup on Office 365 Exchange
  • Recommendation of Office 365 Plan and Monthly Cost
  • Instructions for Customer how-to configure email on computer and mobile device
  • Migration of Email messages from Current Mail Server (ex. In-House Exchange Server or Google G-suite)
  • Migration of Contacts or Address Book from Current Mail Server
  • Remote Technical Support
  • Migration of Calendar or Events from Current Mail Server
  • PC Setup - Outlook Email Client setup on Customer Windows or macOS
  • Mobile Device - Outlook Email Client setup on Customer Mobile Device
Onsite Technical Support Hourly Set of Hours Included Hourly
Post-Technical Support after Migration to Office 365 go live 7 days 30 days 14 days

Future Considerations (Post Migration)

Once the email migration is complete, your business can utilize numerous Microsoft 365 features and automation. Here are some suggestions:

Based on our extensive experience, eSudo can remove the worry and hassle from the migration process with proven results! Whether you have 5 or 300+ users, we have the experience to meet your organization’s unique deployment needs.

Experienced Microsoft Support Team

We have been supporting Microsoft products for over 25 years and can offer remote and onsite support whenever you need it.


Our Office 365 migration services are priced well below industry standards based on 20 people or more, starting at just $180.00 to migrate to Office 365.

Proven Methodology

The last thing anyone wants is a surprise, so go with the team that has done it before, from transitioning 10 mailbox to 300+ mailboxes

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