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IT Support Cost and Security Services

eSudo is a local managed IT & Cybersecurity services company that helps businesses make technology seamlessly work over the last 22+ years. What sets eSudo apart is we focus on security first, and IT support happens to be part of the security services.  Our goal is to keep your IT systems running and data secure (KISS).

We specialize in working with professional service organizations like law firms, accounting firms, and wealth management. However, eSudo have helped other business such as non-profit organizations, manufacturing and other small businesses after we have reviewed their needs and determined if they are good fit for our services.  

Although this is a very difficult question to answer because not all environments are the same, we will do our best to explain some general pricing guidelines.

For a busines with 10 to 50 employees, IT support is a crucial investment to ensure smooth operations and data security. This support includes system maintenance, cybersecurity measures, help desk services, data backup, and software updates. As an IT manager and business owner, allocating a reasonable budget for IT support is essential to prevent downtime, protect against cyber threats, and ensure the firm’s efficiency and success in the digital era. Neglecting IT support can lead to potential vulnerabilities and higher costs in the long run. Thus, viewing IT support as a necessary investment is vital for sustaining your  firm’s operations effectively and securely.

A typical price for IT Support and Cybersecurity ranges from $185 to $300 per user per month. Actual cost will be determined after we meet and perform an assessment of your environment. Book a FREE strategy call to determine if we a fit for your business. You can learn more at What is Managed IT Services? How Much Does IT Support Cost? (

We focus on security first, ensuring that systems are up and running smoothly and data is accessible only by authorized individuals, and IT support happens to part of the security service.  

We invest two or three times more money into hiring, training high-quality team and develop proven process. In fact, our team and technicians are required to go through 60-80 hours of training and shadowing another senior engineer before they are permitted to touch any of our clients’ networks and invest over 120 hours of training per year on average not only in technical areas but also in customer services, communications, processes and enterprise security tools.

We also have worker comp. for our employees, general liability insurance, cybersecurity, and error & omission insurance for our business coverage. 

All of these costs more, but we made a decision a long time ago that we would rather explain our price once, to our new clients, rather than apologize for poor service or not properly protecting your business and client data. But we think our clients say it best, please see the testimonials page.

Today, ransomware is a major concern for anyone connected to the Internet. To protect our customer data and keep their computer safe, we have included the essential security options in our managed services:

  • Endpoint Protection (Antivirus/Malware)
  • Email Spam Filtering
  • Managed Firewall (UTM)
  • Data Backup for documents and folders
  • Operating System Software Update and Patches
  • Application Patch management (e.g., Office suite, CRM, Acrobat, QuickBooks)

For additional security and protection, we also recommend the following add-on options:

  • Advanced Email Threat Protection
  • Dark Web Scan
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Two-Factor Authentication for Application (e.g., email, remote desktop or terminal server)

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No one can guarantee that you will never have any technical problems or downtime. However, we will guarantee you will see a significant drop in the number of problems you experience and a dramatic improvement in the speed, performance, and reliability of your system. Example: after one of our new customers signed on to our managed IT support plan and modern workplace solution, the IT request tickets dropped from 50 (monthly average) to 8. If you are a Managed IT client, we will resolve any computer network problems without any additional fees.

We request that clients sign up for a 12-month commitment to allow us to allocate the appropriate resources (includes but not limited to hardware, software, and technical expertise) to your account.   However, for first-time contracts, you will have 90 days to determine whether this program works for you or cancel without early termination fee. 

Depending on the support plan, our proactive maintenance and monitoring plan for all covered or managed equipment, operating systems, and applications:

  • Patch Management and Service Pack updates
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-malware management, updates and remediation
  • Manage backups and restores
  • Disk and memory optimization
  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage network and Internet connectivity
  • Manage Firewalls, Routers and Switches

Remote Help Desk, and On-site Service for all covered equipment, operating systems and applications:

  • Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Firewalls, Internet connection, Wireless Network or Mobile Devices
  • Microsoft Windows 10/11 Pro Desktop Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Office Apps (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 
  • QuickBooks Desktop Accounting or Online
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Apple macOS, iPhone, and iPad

Vendor Management Services – we will manage all of your infrastructure vendors, allowing you and your staff to focus on your business, not your vendors. Anytime there is a problem with a device or line of business application services by a vendor we manage for you, all it takes is one call to us, and we take it from there. eSudo will then work the problem to resolution with the vendor. We will even schedule any on-site visits by the vendor, and oversee the successful remediation of the issue at hand.

  • Internet Provider (Comcast, AT&T)
  • Phone Service Vendors
  • Copier, Scanner or Printers (Xerox, Konica-Minolta)
  • Line of Business Application or Practice Management Software (i.e., Clio, QuickBooks, Foundation Software)
  • Hardware (Dell, HP, Apple)

Examples of items that are not covered under our Flat Rate service plans include the setup of new hardware or new hire, the cost of software licensing or renewal or upgrade fees, or security incident response recovery due to cyber-attack.

Whenever the potential arises for additional fees outside of our Flat Rate, you will always be notified in advance for approval. 


Yes, we can provide you customers references.


Here are the reasons why our customers can count on us:

  • Proven Track Record: We have been building our loyal customer base since 2001 in an industry where IT firms come and go. Our customers, vendors, and employees stay with us because we build and value long term relationships with them. With operations all over the San Francisco Bay Area, eSudo provides reliable IT support to Northern CA-based businesses and non-profits. We’re big enough to offer the facilities, services, and expertise you expect and small enough to provide the support and attention you deserve.
  • People and Process: Over the last 21+ years, we have created and have adopted a proven process to ensure success in our operations and have trained our people to follow our proven process to provide consistent results for our customers.
  • Quality: We do not sell what we have not used or have tested. We recommend industrial and commercial-grade products for small businesses to provide uptime and reliability for our customers.
  • Quick Response: Emergency or urgent response time is two hours or less guaranteed. If there are any urgent requests that cannot be resolved remotely, our technician will be dispatched to go onsite on the same day.
  • One Stop Shop: We handle all aspects of your IT including hardware, software, cloud services, Internet provider, and more. We will help you manage the vendors and be your single point of contact for any issues.
  • Insurance: We will maintain insurance throughout the term of services in the form of Commercial General Liability Insurance for an amount no less than $1,000,000 and Errors and Omission Insurance for an amount no less than $1,000,000. eSudo can deliver a Certificate of Insurance to you upon request.

This is a great question to ask your eSudo representative.  We may be able to customize your plan for you if you already have another solution in place.  For example, if you already have Microsoft 365 plan that is compatible with our recommendations, we may be able to exclude with the support plan. Book a free strategy call and see if we are a good fit.

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