The Modern Cloud Desktop for Today's Mobile Workforce

eSudo's Office In A Box: Fix Your IT Issues for Less Cost

The modern cloud desktop for today’s mobile workforce!

As a small business in San Jose, you need every advantage you can get to compete against bigger companies with bigger resources. eSudo is proud to provide our clients with a cost-effective, enterprise-class solution that is easy to use and manage.

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eSudo’s Office In A Box allows a company to have all the newest IT software, hardware and security without the headache of having to set up, configure or manage any of it. This allows Enterprise Class solutions to be delivered to the small business for a fraction of the cost. By leveraging the same technologies used by Fortune 500 companies, eSudo delivers a managed and secure desktop, server and VoIP phone system. The goal is to provide you the most efficient productivity tool at the most effective price possible.
eSudo is delivering a turnkey cloud based virtual desktop, telephone system, email/messaging, and line-of-business applications (QuickBooks, CRM, or custom-developed software) that is secure and accessible from anywhere, anytime, from most devices. It is a fully managed service you can access 24/7 without the headache of purchasing up-front expensive hardware, software and network.

eSudo’s “Office In a Box” provides the following benefits:

Data is not stored on the local device so if it is damaged, stolen, or gets infected with a virus, no problem! Within minutes, the user can be up and running on another device with access to their Cloud Virtual Desktop (where the data is stored and protected).

Cloud Virtual Desktop provides a consistent, secure means for employees to work anywhere, thereby increasing productivity. The end-user’s Cloud Virtual Desktop looks just like their own MS Desktop, performing the same way. End-user satisfaction and productivity are enhanced since the user maintains control over their settings and applications.

Deployment of new application software are installed after hours during non-business hours. Operating system and application updates/patches are done on a regular basis overnight, maximizing employee productivity time.

Flexibility and End-User Uptime – Cloud Virtual Desktops are implemented and scaled quickly. This expands the reach of your organization by making your employees more mobile and responsive.
eSudo’s “Office In a Box” provides the following key features:
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Application Support (i.e., QuickBooks, Acrobat, CRM, customized database systems)
  • Edge Browser or Chrome
  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware protection
  • Email, Calendaring and Contact Management
  • Managed Instant Messaging that is private and secure to your company
Microsoft Office 365


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