Referral Program

We'll Pay You CASH for Your Business Referral!

Refer a company, which has 5 or more computers, that can benefit from eSudo’s TotalCare I.T. Service. When prospective customers sign up for eSudo’s TotalCare I.T. Service program within six months of your referral, we send a check to you in your name or to charity of your choice. If your referrals sign up for one of our other services, you will receive a pro-rated portion amount.

Referrals are accepted on a first come basis. If two referrals are received for the same company, only the first referral received will be awarded the referral fee. Referral checks are sent after the 2nd month of the term of the contract.

Complete all fields in the form below and an automated E-mail message (click here for sample) will be forwarded to the referred person.


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