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The Imperative of a Robust Offboarding Process: Safeguarding Your Business in a Dynamic Landscape

As we kick off the new year, businesses are unfortunately having to lay off employees. It’s important to have a comprehensive offboarding process that involves both HR and IT. Recent high-profile cases of disgruntled ex-employees causing data breaches and sabotaging company operations highlight the pressing need for a robust offboarding process. The risk of legal repercussions and damage to the company’s reputation is more pronounced than ever. 

Check out the article below to learn more about how to safeguard your company during this time. 

In the fast-paced world of business, where onboarding new employees is a well-established practice, the significance of a comprehensive offboarding process cannot be overstated. Over the last two decades, our IT Consulting business has collaborated with numerous companies, emphasizing the importance of gracefully bidding farewell to employees. In this extended exploration, we delve into the crucial aspects of offboarding, incorporating recent news to underscore the evolving need for a proper termination procedure.


1. The Disgruntled Employee Dilemma

Picture this: an employee, disgruntled and on their way out, still harboring access to sensitive company information. Without a proper offboarding process, your business is vulnerable to data breaches, sabotage, and potential legal fallout. It’s not just about protecting your data; it’s about mitigating risks and ensuring a smooth transition.

Recent News:

According to court documents, LaHiff was employed as a desktop and network manager at an Essex County public high school until he was terminated in June 2023. After he was fired, LaHiff allegedly used his administrative privileges to deactivate and delete thousands of Apple IDs from the school’s Apple School Manager account – software used to manage student, faculty and staff information technology resources. LaHiff also allegedly deactivated more than 1,400 other Apple accounts and other IT administrative accounts and disabled the school’s private branch phone system, which left the school’s phone service unavailable for approximately 24 hours.

Former Public School Information Technology Manager Charged with Damaging School’s Computer Network

IT and HR Working Together

2. The Intersection of HR and IT

Effective offboarding is a collaborative effort between Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT). HR ensures the legalities are covered, while IT manages the technical aspects of revoking access, retrieving devices, and securing data. A seamless partnership between these two departments is essential for a comprehensive offboarding strategy.

When an employee leaves or is terminated, we recommend you fill out a form so your IT department or provider (MSP) can properly revoke access to their computer accounts, email, data access, phone system, and remote access (VPN) and determine what to do with their data or document files.

For our managed IT clients, we provide these recommendations; however, each business is different and unique, and thus it may not apply to you. We cannot make the decision without your approval. It is your responsibility to tell the business tell IT provider what you need and the goal is to keep your business running safely when there is a change.

The mistake we often we see is business owner or the decision maker does not provide inform the IT provider an employee leaving.  As a result, the account is left active and the password is not changed, this creates a security risk for business and unnecessary expense because they continue to pay for the service such as Microsoft 365 Email Account.

Company Asset Protection

3. Protecting Company Assets

From login credentials to company-issued devices, there’s a plethora of assets that need to be secured during offboarding.

Highlight the importance of promptly revoking access rights, collecting hardware, and ensuring that ex-employees no longer have the ability to compromise the company’s digital infrastructure.

Because of the time sensitive nature, it is imperative that HR or decision maker or business owner notifies the IT personnel in advance when to terminate access, change account passwords and remove connection. 

This is reason why we recommend having a termination process to include:

  • Termination Date
  • Former Employee Full Name
  • Do you want to forward the terminated employee email to another employee?
  • How long do you want to keep the data for email, cloud storage (OneDrive, Google)?
  • Should Anyone Else be given access to their files? 

4. Legal Implications

Neglecting a proper offboarding process can have serious legal consequences. Dive into the potential legal ramifications, including breaches of confidentiality, data privacy violations, and even potential lawsuits.
Emphasize how a well-documented offboarding process can act as a shield against legal troubles, protecting the company’s reputation and bottom line.

5. The Cost of Ignorance


Bring attention to the financial repercussions of not investing in a robust offboarding process.

Calculate the potential costs associated with data breaches, legal battles, and the impact on company morale. Demonstrating the tangible benefits of a well-executed offboarding process can be a compelling argument for businesses to prioritize this often-overlooked aspect.


In the grand scheme of business operations, offboarding may seem like a small detail, but its significance cannot be overstated. A well-orchestrated offboarding process, involving the collaboration of HR and IT, not only protects your business against disgruntled ex-employees but also safeguards its reputation and financial stability. So, let’s bid farewell to outdated offboarding practices and usher in a new era of secure and seamless transitions.

After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Book A Call Today to learn more or if you have questions.

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