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Why Do You Need a IT Support for Your Business?

Most small businesses with 10 to 75 users find it challenging to evaluate, implement, and maintain the right technology to protect their organization. Whether you’re looking to keep your data safe and secure, prepare for cyber insurance requirements, or enable your remote employees to work securely, an experienced IT company or Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help with this.   Outsourcing your IT needs to an MSP allows you to focus on your core services and clients, regardless of your industry. We take care of technology-related issues, so you can grow and succeed.   

Before switching or changing an IT there are 9 things to consider.

9 Things To Consider Before Switching IT Provider –

Best IT Support Company in San Jose and San Francisco, Bay Area

Each year, we at eSudo meet with over 100 businesses in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Bay Area with respect to Managed IT service and cybersecurity protection. And because so many people know our thoughts and feelings (from our website) on IT and Cybersecurity, they often ask us who are some of the other IT professionals in the area.

So, instead of acting like we don’t have any competition in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Bay Area, we figured we’d just cut to the chase and let you know a little bit about some of the main IT Providers in this area.  Note we are not recommending these companies per se, but rather making you aware they are competitors of ours in the area.

San Francisco Bay Area, a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, is home to a diverse array of businesses that depend on reliable IT services. Here’s a balanced overview of top-managed IT service providers that cater to the varied needs of the region’s business landscape.

ZAG Technical Services: San Jose IT Provider

ZAG Technical Services is an award-winning information technology consulting firm delivering digital transformation solutions, IT assessments, managed services, security, and support.

For 25 years, ZAG has served fresh produce, and AG-focused businesses with IT services tailored to these industries in the Western United States.

Veltec Networks Inc – MSP in San Jose

Veltec Networks provide a wide range of IT services tailored to meet the requirements of small and medium businesses. In addition to these services, we also offer Virtual CIO functions that functions as the IT department of your business. They evaluate and determine your technical needs, implement the solutions with a team of dedicated Project Managers and engineers. They work with vendors and resellers directly, thereby letting you focus on your core business without worrying about IT.


Cantrell’s Information Technology: Walnut Creek’s Comprehensive Tech Concierge

Walnut Creek’s Cantrell’s Information Technology offers a full range of computer and network services. From repairing tech equipment to managing IT networks, they focus on making the complex simple for their clients. Cantrell’s boasts a robust track record in a variety of industries, showing particular acumen in working with clients’ technology vendors to ensure seamless project delivery.

Midpoint Cyber Solutions: Fairfield’s Cyber Guardians and IT Innovators

Fairfield’s Midpoint Cyber Solutions excels in custom cybersecurity and technology solutions. As a dedicated MSP, they offer a secure foundation for businesses to innovate and safeguard against digital threats. With a suite of services from cybersecurity assessments to network infrastructure and hardware procurement, Midpoint Cyber Solutions is poised to meet the unique needs of every business with precision and expertise.

Suntek Systems: Fremont’s IT Company

Suntek provides personalized IT services that focus on network cabling, security cameras, custom solutions, network security, and wireless network installation.

So these are four companies to consider if you’re getting quotes for your San Francisco, Bay Area IT Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

eSudo is a local managed IT & Cybersecurity services (MSP/MSSP) company that helps businesses make technology seamlessly work over the last 22+ years in Silicon Valley. What sets eSudo apart is we focus on security first, and IT support happens to be part of the security services.

Our team of experienced and certified computer engineers understands that no two businesses are alike, that’s why we partner with our clients to develop efficient and cost effective computer networks, cloud solutions, network security, and phone solutions that help you run your business.

As a local Microsoft Partner and Cloud Technology Specialist, eSudo has the knowledge, skills, and commitment to help you implement modern technology solutions that match your exact business needs.

Our goal is to Keep your IT Systems running and data Secure (KISS) so you can focus on running your business safely!

We specialize in working with professional service organizations like law firms, accounting firms (CPAs), and wealth management. However, eSudo have helped other business such as non-profit organizations, manufacturing and other small businesses after we have reviewed their needs and determined if they are good fit for our services.

eSudo is not a traditional IT support company; we focus on security first, and IT support happens to be part of the security services.  In the dynamic landscape of network security, a proactive approach is key to safeguarding your business. It’s not a one-time event but an ongoing commitment to keep your systems resilient against evolving threats. With the rise of a mobile workforce and the omnipresence of phishing attempts or social engineering or AI, educating your employees, continuous monitoring and proactive support are vital to prevent data breaches.

If your business is looking for break-fix support or hourly IT services, we may not be for you because we cannot fully manage your risks and more importantly, it creates a trust issue in our relationship. Under a “break-fix” model, there is a fundamental conflict of interest between your business and eSudo.

“Over 97% of American businesses in 2023, operating in a digitally-driven landscape, heavily rely on the Internet for essential functions such as productivity, performance optimization, streamlined communication, bolstered sales, and various other facets of their daily operations. This heightened dependence on digital infrastructure, however, comes with a notable caveat: more than 87% of small businesses are entrusted with customer data that could be potentially compromised in the event of a cyberattack.”

We keep your IT Systems  running and data secure with our proven  IT Strategy, Managed Security, and Proactive Support & End User Management.  Our Strategy focuses on identifying, prioritizing, and recommending the right technology for your organization.  Our Managed Security includes data backup, device encryption, zero-trust access management, and policies & procedures. Our Support includes a live phone help desk, 24/7 monitoring, on-site support as needed, employee onboarding, and asset procurement. 

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  • Proven track record: We have been building our loyal customer base since 2001 in an industry where IT consulting firms come and go. Our customers, vendors, and employees stay with us because we build and value long term relationships with them. With operations all over the San Francisco Bay Area, eSudo provides reliable IT support to Northern CA-based businesses and beyond. We’re big enough to offer the facilities, services, and expertise you expect and small enough to provide the support and attention you deserve. 

  • People & Process:  Over the last 22+ years, we have created and adopted a proven process to ensure success in our operations and have trained our people to follow our proven process to provide consistent results for our customers.

  • Quality: We do not sell what we have not used or have tested. We recommend industrial and commercial-grade products for small businesses to provide uptime and reliability for our customers.

  • Responsiveness: A live person will answer your call, and emergency response time is one hour or less guaranteed. We use the most current remote support technology which lets us log in to your computers remotely to address many issues without the need to wait for a technician to come on-site.


Sue Lompico
Sue Lompico
eSudo has always been responsive and on time. They are knowledgeable
Ma. Guadalupe Garduno
Ma. Guadalupe Garduno
Excellent customer service, very diligent
I don't always write a review, but when I do.... it's a good one. Good partners in developing and supporting long-term performance, in-office and remote needs, cybersecurity safety and virtual workspace to take any office to the next level.
Matusich Raich Property MGMT
Matusich Raich Property MGMT
eSudo is always friendly, helpful, and quick to respond! They are always there when I need them!
Anirudh Muralidhar
Anirudh Muralidhar
Smooth interaction and support round the clock
Stacy Levy
Stacy Levy
Matthew was so helpful and patient: he untangled a multi- layered knots made by years of jury-rigged email systems. And he did it all with deep knowledge and good humor
Gwen Vasquez
Gwen Vasquez
Great customer service, fast response, always willing to help! Loved it!
Robert Liu
Robert Liu
There are hundreds of companies in Silicon Valley that offer computer support; it's a commodity service that every IT provider does for small business. What sets Matthew and his team at eSudo apart is they focus on security first, and IT support happens to be part of the security services. He helps small businesses like ours to keep systems up and running, ensure the data is available and the information accessible only by authorized individuals. If you are a small business owner or IT manager concerned with the security of your organization or need reliable, IT support, consider giving Matthew a call or message him.
Robbie Starks
Robbie Starks
Matthew and his team are fantastic. They are responsive, ask good questions, and make a strong effort to keep in touch when helping with IT issues. Would definitely recommend them to anyone shopping around for their business.
360Medical Supply
360Medical Supply
Very professional team. Will use again. Thanks.