How can law firm use cloud technology to reduce cost, scale up and work securely from home? As a law firm dealing with patent applications for prominent Silicon Valley clientele, a Palo Alto-based “Firm” maintained a high-class image and reputation for delivering the best service for their clients. As their business grew, however, delivering the quality of service they desired became harder and harder. The Firm called eSudo for help. In the initial meeting, the company owner and senior attorney discussed several problems. First, the attorneys’ efficiency was compromised because they had difficulty finding the necessary files they needed, particularly when an attorney on the team was not available. Sometimes the required file would be on the public drive on the company server, sometimes it would reside on an attorney’s desktop computer – often attorneys would spend half an hour or more hunting down the file, going desktop to desktop. Another issue – especially with their more prestigious clients, for discussions over intellectual property, it was better to have meetings at the client location. The Firm had no provision for remote access to files and this not only would cause a delay in service but would also make the firm look behind the times to the high clients. Recently, one client left the Firm after years of service for an upstart firm. Often the network ran slow and attorneys had to wait for actions to complete. In a joking manner, but all too true, attorneys would joke to each other at the coffee pot that they were on break waiting for the hourglass on their monitor to go away. Equipment repair issues further exacerbated the situation. Network downtime happened monthly and it always seemed to come at the most inopportune times. When this happened, tensions would run high, making the working environment all the more stressful. The owner was concerned about attorney dissatisfaction, burnout, and attrition because of the workplace pressure. The cost of hardware replacement also added concern for the owner.

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