• Thankful Tablecloth – Have everyone write one thing they are thankful for on it. See the little ones’ handwriting change over the years, and the words of loved ones who’ve passed.
  • Make a Thankful Tree – Gather sticks from outside and with leaves cut from colorful paper have everyone write something they are thankful for and have them add it to the tree before dinner.
  • Change up the seating with numbers – instead of place cards for seating – draw numbers!
  • Have an ornament exchange – have each family (or just the ladies if you prefer) bring an ornament to exchange after dinner.
  • Thanksgiving Crafting – Assign someone to bring a small Christmas craft to put together, and while the men watched football after dinner all the ladies got their craft on.
  • Cut Down Your Tree – after the big meal, head up the mountains (if you’re lucky to have them nearby) and cut down your Christmas tree.
  • Have a Leftover Party – this is for the day after Thanksgiving – gather all your leftovers and eat them up.  Might be fun to see how everyone uses that leftover turkey.
  • After Dinner Game – gather the neighbors, friends, and family. Bundle up and head to the ball field for a game of baseball, kickball or football.

Hope everyone has safe travels this week if you’re hitting the road or air 🙂

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