This video article shows the step-by-step guide how to download a SonicWALL Global VPN (GVC) Client and install on Windows 10.  It does not cover NetExtener SSL VPN setup. NOTE:  If you have SonicWALL GVC installed and you need to connect to VPN server, skip to Step 6 below. To configure the VPN client in Steps 6, you will need:
  • VPN Server IP address
  • VPN Preshared Key or Secret Key
  • VPN User name
  • VPN Password

1. Download the SonicWall Global VPN Client (GVC) for Windows OS:

2. Select the 64-bit VPN Client, unless your Windows OS is 32-bit.

If you are not sure, check with your IT person or system administrator. resized-d51150ecbb445b9c7ace41ea5bb6aec2

3. Launch setup program and take all default settings.

Enter local admin or domain admin account.  Follow the install wizard and accept the default settings. resized-4d5a4cf4e8060dc0f70ebbda1335cc10

4. You can also choose to Start Global VPN Client at everytime I log in

Recommended if you work from home and use VPN often. resized-fe8d492244cadcf7a8df0329d69e7c60

5. Launch Global VPN client once the computer is restarted. A connection Wizard will come up


6. Enter SonicWALL Firewall/VPN IP address and Connection name (any name you can remember).

IP Address: AB.XX.YY.ZZ or hostname of VPN Server Connection Name: Your Company VPN NOTE: You must enter the correct IP address of the SonicWALL VPN Server. resized-89fec59a7ba94db75f1aaa221bb7fd34

7.   Initial Connection setup

Click on Enable to connect and enter default Preshared key: Ask your IT manager or support agent for this info if you don’t know it. resized-576727fe11fec5c86bedc8c42fe1d0b1

8. Enter your VPN user name and password.


9.  Congratulations, you are connected to the VPN serve when you get CONNECTED status.

You can remote into the desktop in the office or access your apps or file share. resized-e7b3ca9817531af8437062b696cf3c16  

Need help with your SonicWALL firewall or want to upgrade next generation of VPN instead, contact us for Free Consultation.