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Our Newsletter is for our customers, partners, and others interested in receiving technology news critical to the small business community. The Newsletter is full of tips and reminders to keep your business networks running smoothly.

October – December 2010 Issue

  • Are you Still Not Backing Up Your Data?
  • Customer Highligh: SJB Child Developement Centers of San Jose
  • Keyboard Shortcut Tips for Windows Users
  • Get an A in Reseaching a Business Idea
  • Are Cookies Spyware
  • Compactix Brings Exercise to the Office
  • Fall Fruit Triva

June – August 2010 Issue

  • Troubleshooting Computer Issues
  • A Brighter Outook on Office 2010
  • Tweeting 101
  • Coming Security Device Could Help Defy Hackers
  • Inquiruing Minds
  • Free Network Audit

January – March 2010 Issue

What’s Inside…

  • The Internet can be a dangerous place!
  • Is your password keeping you safte?
  • Is the iPad just an oversized iPhone?
  • TrueCall Phone Screening
  • YoGen Hand Charger
  • Free Network Assessment