😥 In the headlines news week on Sept 11, 2023, the giant MGM Grand Hotel & Resorts experienced in Las Vegas had a cyberattack that disrupted many of its systems. 

💰💰💰 The hackers stole an unspecified amount of customers’ personal information during this time and the estimated cost is $100 million.

☎ It was initiated by a phone call to IT Help Desk personnel by a hacker and was able gain password an employee found on LinkedIn. The attack affected everything from digital hotel room keys to slot machines and even caused the company’s websites to go offline for a period. They encrypted about 100 servers and stole data.

❌ This event illustrates even if a company has all the money and resources can still be hacked because the cyber criminals target users or employees. Employees with good intentions make critical mistakes that allow the hackers to succeed.


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