Employee Termination Request

Terminating an employee is almost always unpleasant—it’s often awkward for the individuals involved, it disrupts work, and the infrequency of the situation makes it hard to become practiced.

All termination steps that are taken should be documented and retained for legal purposes and/or federal or state regulations.

When an employee leaves or is terminated, we recommend you fill out a form so we can properly revoke access to their computer accounts, email, data access, phone system, and remote access (VPN) and determine what to do with their data or document files.

As your IT provider, we provide these recommendations; however, each business is different and unique, and thus it may not apply to you. We cannot make the decision without your approval. It is your responsibility to tell us what you need and the goal is to keep your business running safely when there is a change.

Option 1 – click ACCESS CLIENT PORTAL (recommended):

  • Login to the Client Portal using Your Office 365 Email and Password.
  • Click Services and Products
  • Click Users and Services
  • Click Onboarding
Option 2 – alternatively use our web form below. 

We recommend you access our new client portal to provide more details and get faster support.

  • Login to the Client Portal using Your Office 365 Email and Password.
  • Click Services and Products
  • Click Users and Services
  • Click Offboarding
Client Portal Employee Termination Request

Or Fille Out the Employee Termination Request Below

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