We have two Exchange mail servers in production that need upgrading.

Installing and configuring Active Directory Connector (ADC) are required for upgrading the connection agreements in ACD.

It’s necessary to synchronize directory entries between the Exchange server 2000 and Exchange 2003. Upgrading the Mail Connector tool Wizard walks an administrator through the tricky process, the wizard helps to identify “gotchas”, but it can stop the installation with no error. So now you must look in the event log.

As a System Administrator I never would go the upgrade…route.

Now with no working Exchange Server and no Microsoft support on legacy Exchange 2000 server, I now must make the manual change to ADC.

Having tested the Exchange 2003 I must now get All the Mail Safely moved. I can not have the company without mail and e-commerce without email. I am a do it yourself sys admin, but I will not take the chance of not safeguarding this Exchange migration without Senior Technical support.

I do not let any one look at my LAN; the point is you must have a track record if I will trust you can help this Company.

After talking with Matthew Kaing from eSudo Technical support Team about my problem, I felt he will be all the support I will need for the Exchange migration. After working with Matthew on site, we’ve successfully moved the Exchange mail boxes. He also was able to offer more technical support than I wanted at the time and that is why I can highly recommend eSudo. Great Technical Customer support is hard to find.