A few years back, I had a very good experience with the founder of eSudo. So when we found ourselves in a bit of an IT pickle, we called in eSudo to talk. After a couple days of talking and Q & A, eSudo submitted a proposal to take over our entire IT function.

The price was fair and we signed on the dotted line. That was almost six months ago and it remains a very good decision on our part. eSudo took over and revamped our network and IT infrastructure and documented everything. Since then eSudo has done everything that was needed and restored our confidence in IT outsourcing. In fact, eSudo goes above and beyond when circumstances dictate. They perform maintenance, upgrades and new installations only as permitted by our work schedule and often it is on weekends or late evenings. If we have an emergency, they respond immediately to our phone call and often they will come to our office right away. It is very comforting to have such service in this day and age of “please hold……your call is very important to us.” We know that eSudo has a lot of other customers, but they make us feel like they only have one customer and it is us! eSudo provides very comprehensive IT services; administration, maintenance, support, security, data back-up, cloud and web services, the whole enchilada. If you are contemplating outsourcing your IT function, or if your current service provider is not cutting the mustard, you should have a friendly chat with eSudo. You won’t regret it!