New Employee Hire Request

Welcoming a new team member is an exciting time. The Employee New New Hire process is meant to take the stress off you and your team, as well as the new employee. We want to get the computer accounts set up and hardware configured for your new hire correctly. However, your help is needed and essential to complete this form and provide any approval we might need to have a successful onboarding.

Option 1 – click ACCESS CLIENT PORTAL (recommended):

  • Login to the Client Portal using Your Office 365 Email and Password.
  • Click Services and Products
  • Click Users and Services
  • Click Onboarding
Option 2 – alternatively use our web form below 
Employee Onbarding & Offboarding

Or Fill Out New Employee Hire Request Below

    For example, "New Hire - Employee Name, Starting MM-DD-YY". If this is URGENT, please call us after you have submitted your request.

    If the new hire is working in a department similar to another employee, we can setup a profile similar to that person role. Can you provide a name of a current employee that we can setup a similar profile or role?

    Best cell phone to contact new hire? We may also use the number to set up security for two-step verification.

    We will add the new hire to the Company support plan that help desk services, anti-virus, software updates, live technical support, and so on. Normal support fee may apply. If you don't want to add this user to the support plan, type NO to question.

    We typically set up a new hire with the standard Company-wide applications and create accounts for the email account, Office Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Acrobat Reader, Anti-virus, etc. If a specialize application or custom setup is needed, please let us know or provide details. We will work with you to get this done.

    If you have any new hire forms, please upload them here.